Baby Bitzi (born with a genetic heart defect) had life saving heart surgery.
Bella had an eye removed.
A Yorkshire Terrier is an expensive breed to maintain. They require constant care, daily grooming and should all be on a high quality dog food which usually costs more than the usual sub-standard dog food sold in grocery stores. If you cannot afford these costs than you should look into adopting a different breed.

Our adoption fees include all Veterinarian care. When you adopt a yorkie from us they have had all the following treatments (if needed):

  • Spay or neuter
  • Vaccinations and Bordetella
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Dental cleaning
  • Micro chipping
  • Heartworm test
  • Fecal exam
  • Nail trimming
  • Ears cleaned
  • Bathed and groomed
The question we would like to ask you is this. Why have you decided to rescue a yorkie? If the truthful answer is that you think it will cost less than buying one or because you couldn't afford one otherwise... then a rescue yorkie is probably not for you!  Just for the record... our adoption fees are NOT CHEAP!
Lovey ingested posion and was in ICU for a week. She almost died. God bless our Vet.
When we take in a yorkie, we assume the utmost responsibilty for finding the very best home for that dog. Many of our dogs have been surrendered by their owners for many heartbreaking reasons and our pledge to them is to place their dogs in families we would only place our own personal dogs in. This requires hours of our time, countless phone calls and many miles put on our cars doing home visits.

Some of the yorkies that are surrendered to us are seniors (10 plus years old) or have special needs. Very few of them find a new family willing to see beyond their age or disability and so they end up becoming a permanent foster yorkie which requires even more additional funds for their maintenance. There are others still that are surrendered that need life saving surgery. Just look at some of the yorkies on this page alone who have stretched our budget beyond our limits. Yet, we would not turn our backs on them.
Donny (right) suffered from huge bladder stones. When he first arrived to us his bladder was about to burst. He was rushed to our Vet's office at 9PM to have his bladder drained, a life saving measure. He had the surgery the next day and has recovered totally. His surgery was over $1,000.00. Obviously his adoption fee did not cover his medical costs.
When a yorkie is surrendered to us that needs less Veterinarian care than usual, our adoption fee can actually be slightly more than what we would need to break even. The reason we do that is because we are then able to raise extra funds for that next yorkie who arrives needing heart, bladder, or liver surgery.

Humane Societies that get yorkies surrendered to them that are very ill or in need of surgery will never put them up for adoption. They usually call a Yorkie Rescue group to take them in. We employ private Veterinarians with a solid reputation for handling the needs of this smaller breed. We trust them explicitly and even though we spend more money to spay or neuter them, we feel confident that it will be done correctly and safely.

We are a small rescue group and we never "break even."  The cost to foster a yorkie is not cheap. They require special food, grooming and Vet care. And as I said before, there are those yorkies that arrive that will clearly never be adoptable. Everyone wants the cute little puppies or healthy young adults. Very few will extend their arms to the senior, the yorkie with special needs or one that requires daily medication. So those dogs stay here with my husband and I. We foot the bill for all their needs. And again, it is not an inexpensive proposition but it is a responsibilty we willingly accept with love and gratitude.

The true spirit of RESCUE should not be based on an adoption fee.  It should be based on the willingness to accept the responsibility of loving an animal that has either been surrendered, abandoned, abused or neglected. These yorkies need special homes with a special understanding of the emotional toll they have undergone.
Faith, dumped along a busy highway in south Florida....
click here to see her journey.
For the sole purpose of educating the public.
If you are of the mindset that you can buy a yorkie puppy for a price close to our adoption fee... if that is your thought process; then buy a yorkie puppy and pay to have it spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped (hopefully you are responsible enough to have these things done). Most reputable breeders charge at least $1,000.00 for a healthy puppy.

But then again, if your sole motivation is price, then you can probably purchase one for less by supporting your local backyard breeder, a puppy store or a puppy mill... never a smart thing...

If at this point you still do not understand why our adoption fees are what they are, well so be it. You are free to find another yorkie rescue group and hope their Adoption Donations are less. It is afterall, a free country.  This page is to try to enlighten the public's understanding of just how expensive the "Rescue Business" can be. We rely on our adoption fees and donations to break even. We do not have any wealthy benefactors pledging funds to us that could seriously make a difference. For those wealthy benefactors out there that might be looking for a cause to invest in, you can contact me directly at

Candie had all of her mammory glands removed. Some were cancerous. The Vet was able to remove it all and she is now cancer free!
Tulip had to have one eye removed. Click here for her story.
Click here for Chewie's Video... Chewie has now been adopted and
is being trained as a therapy dog. You go Chewie!
September 18, 2012 - Samantha died during her heart surgery. Rest in peace
our sweet angel.  Click here for her story.
"Paws for thought.... save a Yorkie today."